Friday, November 30, 2007

I'll Take Twelve!

In this article, newly DC comics exclusive artist Aaron Lopresti,* lists the DC characters he'd like to work on:
“I really like anything except tech loaded stuff,” Lopresti said. “I could see myself on Batman, The Creeper, Metamorpho. Plastic Man, Kilowog, something like Swamp Thing, Deadman (Neal Adams version), Uncle Sam (Reed Crandall version), Warlord, Fin Fang Foom vs. Gorilla Grodd Treasury Edition, the Spectre (Jim Corrigan only) and maybe even Superman in the right situation.”
Did you read that closely? If you don't think that the idea of a super-intelligent, super-strong telepathic talking Gorilla fighting a acid-spewing, super-strong, shape-shifting space dragon** isn't three kinds of awesome,*** then you should just shoot yourself, because your spirit is already dead!

**In short shorts!
***Although they'd probably fuck it up by putting some writer on it who would overly explain how these two creatures from separate universes meet-up and/or have heroes trying to stop them.
****Kinda a cheap shot, but more about the 'newly exclusive artist/writer' stories that pop-up on newsarama all the time about every single person whether big or not.*****
*****Not that Mr. Lopresti isn't big or isn't a good artist. I just never really heard of him. And, here, that's what matters.

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Wanyas the Self-Proclaimed! said...

I tried to draw a 'cover' for this, but Grodd looked like an ugnaught.