Friday, August 17, 2007

Sorry To Keep Harping On This

But, here's a quote from this interview with Dan Didio, editor-in-chief at DC:

If you love the weekly nature of comics, love periodical storytelling, love DC, this is the comic for you. If you don’t, then I understand. No hard feelings.

I love the weekly nature of comics, love periodical storytelling, and love DC. Yet, somehow, I hate Countdown. He sets up a scenario where we're either with him or against him. The only reason I don't like Countdown is because I don't like these things? I hate to be a part of the internet hate-on for Countdown, but it stinks. Plain and simple. That's why I don't like it.

And, not enough Dio!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Someone Gets It Right

Dear Marvel Editorial Staff,

World War Hulk rocks!

More Dio though, please!

You're All Jealous Of Me

I went to see Colbert Report last night. It was fun. What was fun was he told a couple of studio audience only jokes. He also would flub a line, re-start, and deliever the material in another, yet still funny, way. Plus, the studio's really small. Much moreso than I expected.

His main guest was "the father of intelligent design." What was interesting here was how Colbert was able to 'tear him apart' without the guy getting insulted too much. He's also very good at knowing when to cut people off. Something that's easier to notice in person. But, I wanted to tear this guy's head off. I can only imagine how someone* more informed on this topic would have felt.

There's only one way it could have been better: More Dio!**

*Robin, I'm looking at you!
**Damn, right!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Countdown Is My Kryptonite

Dear DC Editorial Staff,

Just thought you should know, that i just dropped Countdown.* I, who loves DC comics, dropped it. I'm also gonna avoid any cross-overs (and there are a bunch) or anything written by any of the writers involved.** That's how awful this series is. If a title I'm reading gets a one issue cross-over, I may drop it for that month. If a title I'm reading gets one of the Countdown writers as the new writer (Teen Titans, Birds Of Prey), I'm more likely to drop it than not.

In short, if I see the word "Countdown"*** on a comic, I will avoid it, like, well, Superman avoids Kryptonite.

Nice job!

*Despite the fact that you put Legion characters in there. I love the Legion. Every version. I have every appearance by every Legion character**** ever in some form. I haven't not gotten the Legion since 1989, and haven't missed a Legion character's appearance in a non-Legion title since. And now, because a writer of Countdown writes it, I am considering dropping the main Legion title as well. That's how much Countdown sucks.
**Especially Paul Dini, I've already dropped Detective Comics.
***Or Dini. Or Palmiotti. Or Gray*****. Or Bedard. Or McKeever. Or Beechen.
****Except the characters like Superboy or Supergirl.
*****As the writer, of course. I'd get a comic with the Gray Gargoyle in a heart beat!