Saturday, September 29, 2007


Many of our readers out there may not know this, but it has been widely reported that there are waves of dolphins wielding dildos and using them on random passersby on the East side of Manhattan.* We have recently learned that there is another gang doing the same thing, but on the West side. The other major difference? This time it's manta rays doing the devious dildoing. What will happen when these phallicly felonious fish meet up with the similarly purposed porpoises is anyone's guess!**

Juicy Carmichael (kick) and The Hammer of Justice were thought to be investigating, but only raucous laughter could be heard coming from the "Queen of Kickin'" and "Hammer Swingin' Sister" when they were asked.

Only one question remains: Are these the drunken ravings of a madman, or the mad ravings of a drunk?

The world may never know.

*"Fa...Loves...Anal Rape."
**Probably some kind of dildo/sword fight.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

News Article Linking!

Don't you hate it when the news links expire on yahoo, ruining your brilliance? I sure do!

Did You Mean: Supermercado?

No! I didn't! I want to see who's linking to this blog*, dammit! I don't want to hear about Spanish supermarkets! Damn Google!

*Noone out of the ordinary.


Isn't "should've" correct? Not according to my spell-checker! What say you my supermegadioites?

We shall determine our own rules of English!

Yet Another Feather In Her Cap!

Remember when we used to post here often? About people and stuff besides comics? And, remember that post about how awesome Robn is? Well, she just proved her greatness even more! She got me a copy of Terry Pratchett's new book, Making Money, signed by the man himself!* He personalized it and drew me a turtle. Awesome! She sent me a picture of the signature, but I don't know how to get it here from my phone. So, you'll all have to wait to witness this awesomeness. Her one mistake? She should've gotten him to draw Dio's head on the turtle!**

*In this one case, it's not Dio, but Terry.


I know that many of you are eagerly awaiting some awesomeness in the form of Juicy Carmichael (kick) & The Hammer Of Justice! comic. Unfortunately, my art skilz have seriously deteriorated.* We need an artist here to translate my awesomeness into visual reality!

*Not that they ever really existed at all!

Friday, September 14, 2007


I don't think so!

Sometimes you have to connect the dots.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The One Time

This is the one time Ozzy is more appropriate than Dio. Though a case could be made for Holy Diver.

Postivity On The Internet?

You know what's cool about the internet? This.

Specifically comment 11.

1980's Badassery!

Just how badass is Gabriel Jones, Agent of SHIELD? He answers caption boxes!

(Incredible Hulk # 297; from the Rod & Priscilla collection)

Da--I mean, Blasted, right!