Saturday, June 30, 2007

Butt Monkey

It needed to be said.

Your Grammar Knits Socks In Hell!

It has been implied that our grammar on Supermegadio!!!!! sucks. In particular, in our placement of apostrophe's. It should be known that, as supporters of the one true rock god, we feel it is our place to break laws as we feel fit. Especially you're antiquated grammar rules!

I LIke DC Comics Again!

Let me tell you something, I love super-hero comics. Marvel AND DC. But, to be fair, I've always been more of a DC guy. I love, love, love the post-Crisis DCU, particularly because it seemed like anything could happen. Superman wasn't top dog because of his publishing history (a purely meta reason), but for actual in-story reasons. There's lots of other things I liked about this period (and stuff I didn't), but this is my preferred time period. There always seemed to be an overall forward momentum.*

Recently, however, it hasn't been the case with me. I've almost dreaded reading some of my DC books. There's been some titles I genuinely enjoy: Blue Beetle, JSA, Birds Of Prey. And, 52. 52 was a solid read week in, week out. Other titles, though, seem to be returning to a Silver Age status quo with some of their titles, particularly Superman. Add to that lackluster books like Wonder Woman, Flash, and Morrison's Batman.** Change I don't mind, but forward change, please. This stuff seemed to be going backwards. And don't get me started on Countdown.***

But, Geoff Johns just changed that, with this:

Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special. He's been building towards this story for the last six months or so in the regular Green Lantern title, as Sinestro, former Green Lantern, himself, who now possesses a similar power ring, has been gathering intergalactic baddies and giving them rings, too, including some of the worst**** villains of the past 20 years.

This is a fantastic book, which has, all on it's own restored my love of the DC Universe. Yeah, there's some stuff I don't like, but it doesn't weigh the story down. Johns, knowing this is a one-shot and many might of picked it up without knowing word one about any of the characters' histories, does a deft job of incorporating the exposition necessary into dialogue, without weighing the story down.***** It left me with a 'What's next?!?' feeling, which I really haven't felt from a DC comic in a long time.****** This comic is the start of a cross-over between the regular Green Lantern title, and the Green Lantern Corps title (and will include one or two more one-shots and one or two issues of other comics, so it is a cross-over, but a relatively contained one). I was originally only going to get the issues that I already collect. I'm now reconsidering this.

I highly recommend this book.

*Plus, it's really the period when I started to read comics, so take that for what you will.
**Surprised? Me, too!
***It sucks!
****In a good way.
*****Take that, Roy Thomas!
******52 was a special case, and doesn't count.

Friday, June 29, 2007

One Special Night In June

As many of you have enquired, tonight is the night that Rick Jones gets busy with Comb-Over.

Message From Supermegadio!!!!!

Whew! That last post was too much for this blog. With that in mind, we promise you, our faithful readers, some fantastic picture posts next week. What will they be? One word: Dio-Bots!


Message From An Activist Court


So, the court decided to over-turn an anti-trust law that prevented manufacturers from setting the minimum prices on things. That's why it's always 'suggested retail price.' This directly affects competition in the form of discounts and could easily lead to legal price-fixing.

Now, I know this isn't as 'fun' to discuss as abortion or civil rights, but this is the result of conservatism on the bench. These activist judges enforced their world view when they overturned 96 years of precedent.

Here's what Justice Breyer* said in his dissent:

“The only safe predictions to make about today’s decision are that it will likely raise the price of goods at retail and that it will create considerable legal turbulence as lower courts seek to develop workable principles,” he wrote. “I do not believe that the majority has shown new or changed conditions sufficient to warrant overruling a decision of such long standing.”

Not only will it likely negatively affect competition, the basis of the free market, but it is over-turned willy-nilly.**

The main argument in favor of this ruling:

For example, they said, such agreements can make it easier for a new producer by assuring retailers that they will be able to recoup their investments in helping to market the product. And they said some distributors could be unfairly harmed by others — like Internet-based retailers — that could offer discounts because they would not be incurring the expenses of providing product demonstrations and other specialized consumer services.

I'll start with the end first. They are coming after your fancy internet! Beware! As far as the first is concerned, this is a possibility, but let me present another, just as fetched as this one. Dio, Corp*** have been making Dio's for 50 years**** and have many agreements with many large chains where they've agreed to sell each Dio for $5. In comes Little Guy, llc. A couple of guys that come up with a brilliant innovation to improve Dio*****, and with the $5 price point the market (artificially) dictates, they'll be able to invest heavily and recoup expenses. Thus, according to the decision, more competition. However, as Dio, Corp sees Little Guy, llc gearing up, they get the agreements to set the minimum price at $4.75, not too big a hit to them, but just enough to prevent Little Guy, llc from ever getting a foothold and preventing consumers from getting improved product. See, everyone wins!

No they don't.

And, far worse scenarios can be imagined.

When did the government completely give up on the idea that it should protect people and not corporations?

*And ice cream entrepenaur.
**This word I like.
***I had to work Dio in somehow.
****But, now they make them in China, of course.
*****I don't see how, really.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome Back!

Most of the Supermegadio!!!!! reading audience has been away and been unable to follow the two fantastic themes of the past week. We also don't want to have to have them read these posts in the wrong order. With that in mind we added this fantastic post with links to the first posts of the two threads this week. In addition, we've added links at the bottom of each post that takes you to the next post in that thread. Who says Supermegadio!!!!! doesn't serve its readers? No one, that's who!

Friday, June 22, 2007

SupermegaWizardWorldPhillyConReport!!!!!, Part Five

We got some pictures! Who doesn't like pictures? And hidden among these pictures is the answer to yesterday's question! See if you can spot it!*
Miniature Daily Planet. For Heroclix, I presume.

Insert lame 'Who ya' gonna call?' joke here.

What an odd pairing, huh? Watch out, funny-bunny man**! She's a Skrull!!! Heh. And Roberto took this, so blame him for not being able to see her best ASSet. Heh.

I put this side-by-side, so that as you alternately open and close your eyes, you can see PaRappa dance.

"Help! Help! A futurist is infringing on my right to beat up people and be a living nuclear weapon without any regulation!" Heh. Nice use of a chest protector, though.

Look here for a clue to the answer to the dinner question.***

Anyway, that ends our report on Wizard World Philly. We hope you enjoyed it. We leave you with one final picture from that day that reminds you, as always, to keep on rockin'!****

*And see if you can spot the horrible jokes in the captions.
**I know Usagi really is a rabbit. Man, try to make a bad joke around here...
***We had breakfast foods, though.
****And get some sun, too!

Supermegamonkey, Day Five

You know what I hate? Movies that are well thought out character studies about people under unusual situations.

You know what I love? Poorly made movies with people in obviously rubber suits that can barely move, let alone show any kind of detailed, coherent action.

Love it!
We hope you enjoyed this diversion into the world of Supermegamonkey. We all look forward to the return of their regular blogging activities!

Now, get back to rockin'!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

SupermegaWizardWorldPhillyConReport!!!!!, Part Four

I admit it. I was giddy after the whole sketch thing. So giddy in fact that on the way out I got 'took' for $2! Here's how it happened.

Girl in Catholic School Girl outfit* approaches me and Roberto about buying this comic that features her. We blow her off, but she's insistent, so we listen to her sales pitch. Basically, the story boils down to girls in catholic school girl uniforms and monsters**. To make this comic, rather than just draw it, they took photos of the scenes, drew/traced the photos, & then used washed out color from the photos to color the comic. She faltered a bit on describing why they colored it this way (it makes the colors...good). Clearly, taking photo's first is a much more efficient way of making a comic than just drawing it.

Anyway, Roberto, jaded jerk that he is, said no thanks. But, not me. I just got a Dio sketch! So, I gladly forked over my two bucks!Doesn't it look awesome? And notice that red ink in the center. Here's a close-up:
Yup, I was talking to 'Brielle' herself, Margarita 'Mars' Zhitnikova! And she signed my copy. Awesome, huh?

Anyway, it turns out that all the people involved went to Rutgers, specifically Mason Gross, and are planning this comic as only the first step in their conquest of all media. Look for the Brielle and the Horror in theaters near you soon! But, guy's, if you're reading this blog, I've got just one suggestion for you**:Next & final WizardWorldPhilly post: photos and the answer to the question, "Where did you and Roberto eat dinner?"

*This kinda stuff doesn't really affect me.****
***Aren't my photo-shop skilz da bomb?
*****No. Really.

Part Five

Supermegamonkey, Day Four

Random Lyrics Thursday

Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Fred M. Rogers

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
A beautiful day for a neighbor.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...
It's a neighborly day in this beauty wood,
A neighborly day for a beauty.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...
I've always wanted to have a neighbor just like you.
I've always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.
So, let's make the most of this beautiful day.
Since we're together we might as well say:
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my neighbor?
Won't you please,
Won't you please?
Please won't you be my neighbor?

My Dream

So, I dreamt that Rodney P. Brady, The Wolfman (ooo, scary), and I had to go to the northern tip of Manhattan. When we got there (from the subway) the two of them bolted ahead of me. When I exited the subway, it was like a weird mixture of woods and city (but not Central Park). Then I found the two of them and we went for ice creams. Who wants an ice cream I yelled. We already have ice creams, ya' dingus. Dingus?!? Who're you calling a dingus? Well, the ice cream was good and so we continued on our mission, which was constantly changing. First, we had to get a new lawn mower. Then, we had to find a frisbee. Next, a pair of ladies pajamas. At this point, I think we had to find a gold end table for a fish tank. So, after the ice cream, we kept looking, but the woods kept changing, slowly becoming more like suburbs, rather than city or woods. About this time, I awoke in a cold sweat. But, I only awoke in the dream. In real life I was still sleeping. Then chickens ate our faces.

Day Five

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SupermegaWizardWorldPhillyConReport!!!!!, Part Three

The Secret Mission!

What was this hunt for? Well, Friday night, the night before I left for the convention, I, along with our vacationing Supermegamonkey friends came up with the idea of getting artists to do sketches, of, are you ready for this, Dio! But, not just of Dio, Dio as the artists favorite hero or villain! Awesome, right?

So, I bought a blank sketchbook before leaving for the con and put photo-reference on my ipod. But, once we got there, I realized these artists wanted money for their work. Jerks! I'm poor right now. I can't be spending money like that. Plus, there were lines. Long lines. So, I gave up, a little frustrated.

As we were leaving, we passed the DC booth where Dustin Nguyen (not this Dustin Nguyen) was doing sketches and autographs for free (well he was paid by DC to do it, but free to me). I was hesitant, but Roberto correctly pushed me into it. The line wasn't too long, and I recognized his art and liked it.* Finally, it was my turn:

"Uh, I have a slightly odd request. Could you draw this guy (shows photo on ipod) on the hero or villain's body of your choice."
"What? Huh?"
I repeated myself.
"Oh. Ok. Who is he?"
"Dio. The one true rock god!"
"I see. I'll draw him on the body of Superman (since I'm the new artist of Superman/Batman, plug plug). Wait! Something's...happening. I can...only...draw...Dio. He's too powerful...a force!"
"There you go. Nice to meet you."
"Thanks. Great job."

"Now, draw any hero or villain you'd like."**
"What? Huh?"
"Anyone you like to draw."
"Cool. Nice job. Thanks. I knew who it was before you started to draw."
"Nice to meet you."
Mister Freeze by Dustin Nguyen***

Dio by Dustin Nguyen

*No offense to Dustin, but I also noticed at this time that Walt Simonson was due at 5 PM in the DC booth and would have loved to see him sketch Dio/Thor! How awesome would that have been? But, that was a couple of hours away and I was already ready to shoot myself in the head.
**This is Roberto talking
***This isn't uploading right. I'll try again at my home computer. It's an awesome sketch.****

Part Four

Supermegamonkey, Day Three

Speed Reviews:

Amazing Spider-Man: This was a fantastic piece of writing which was not over-wrought or unintentionally funny in any way. Awesome!

Annihilation Conquest: We learn who the bad guy of this story is and all I can say is Awesome!

Captain America: Man, I love comics featuring dead characters. Awesome!

Incredible Hulk: I don't know if they actually reprinted stuff from World War Hulk, or I read a preview, but, either way, this was Awesome! Amadeus Cho is not a 'Mary Sue'* in any way, he's Awesome!

Iron Man: I didn't read this yet, but I'm sure it's Awesome!

Countdown**, Flash, Justice League: DC? Sucked!!!

*God, I hate this term!
**Actually, this sucked. Big-time. Countdown sucks!

Day Four

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SupermegaWizardWorldPhillyConReport!!!!!, Part Two

So, Roberto and I finally arrived at the con. After wrangling our way to get the passes and schmoozing his contacts, we hit the convention floor and was almost immediately reminded why I hate conventions. It's hot, packed, and not enough Dio-love!

Bendis was the guest of honor, and he was doing a signing at the Marvel booth when we got there. It was packed. I guess for everyone who hates him on the internet, there's ten people in real life who love him. Take that internet!

Roberto and I wandered around awhile. He was checking out t-shirts and I got bored and wound up near Batman's Burt Ward! Selling autographs! At exorbitant prices! No Thanks! (The guy who played 'Jaws' in James Bond movie was there, as was the '50's Superman's Lois Lane, Noel Neill)

I also saw Steranko. He was short. Shorter than me. With a beautiful white mane of hair and a matching white suit. Except for the height thing, he was everything I'd expect.

We then checked out some back issues and I found a place selling complete comic runs which I liked. I also like bad short-lived late 80's DC comics. And what did I find? The 1989 Hawk & Dove series! Score! But, 30 crappy comics, four of which I already had, for $20? No, thanks. "I'd pay $10," I mumbled to Roberto. "They're all 1/2 price," declared the dealer. "Sold!" said Wanyas! And I got my crappy comics.

So, we wandered around, saw tons of Star Wars characters and various comic characters. Also the real cheerleader from Heroes was there, and that line was god-damn-diculous! No, thanks.

I also spent some time looking for back issues for Rodney P. Brady. I had a 50% success rate. Got him the Captain Marvel issue he wanted and the Iron Man issue he wanted for $13 total! Score!

We walked through 'Artist's Alley' where the artists rent tables and try to sell you drawings. No, thanks! But, I did have a secret mission at this convention involving these artists. What could it have been? Did I succeed? Does it involve Dio at all? The answer to all three questions is...find out tomorrow!

Part Three

Supermegamonkey, Day Two

You know who else sucks? The Democrats that's who! They claim to be all liberal-this and liberal-that, but really they kow-tow to the same pressures that the Republicans do! Chumps! And they should know better! Am I right people? They seem to want their cake and eat it, too!
And, ha!, look at this from yahoo news. Someone robbed a man of his salad. Must've had asparagus in it!
And, look at the cute orangutan that just got adopted.

Day Three

Monday, June 18, 2007

SupermegaWizardWorldPhillyConReport!!!!!, Part One

This weekend the staff of Supermegadio!!!!! went to the Wizard World Philly comic convention in Philadelphia. We appreciate the fact that a nickname is used for the city. It's not Wizard World Chi-Town, but it's Wizard World Philly! Nice.

Anyway, I went with Roberto* who had gotten free tickets from work. We both had skipped breakfast, so decided to eat brunch at the rest stop on the turnpike, thinking we'd save money from the high convention food prices. Boy, were we wrong. Don't eat at a NJ turnpike rest stop, even if it's recognizable food choices.**

Of course, Roberto lost the directions to the convention center. But, we managed to find our way after not too many wrong turns. We wound up parking way away from the convention, with our bladder's full of urine. After not finding the entrance, we decided to go pee in the underground mall's restrooms. Man, this was the freakiest mall I've ever been to, and I live in Jersey City!

We then found our way to the employee's only entrance to the convention. This entrance didn't really make sense as it didn't seem attached to the convention center in any way. Philly's one messed up place I guess.

It took a little more time, but we eventually found our way to the convention. Below find handy map I've drawn for you. Follow our path Billy style!Coming in part two: I detail the actual con in some way!

*Name changed due to company's strict anti-blogging policy.
**I'll give you three guesses as to what Roberto got.

Part Two

Supermegamonkey, Day One

You know who sucks? Republicans, that's who. They've been invading other countries and poking holes in the Constitution! They don't believe in science! It's a good thing that science exists regardless of belief. Unlike that pesky God character. And, what about that Jesus retcon? All of sudden god's out there spreading his seed and stuff, creating other gods, but there's only one god? Doesn't make sense. Reads like a DC comic if you ask us! Crap, crap, crap. Anyway, here's a cut-and-paste of a Daily Kos post:

The undead body of Watergate still lumbers through Republican White Houses. And, it appears, it's a creature of habit.

Via Think Progress, we learn that Henry Waxman's House Oversight committee finds:

  • The number of White House officials using RNC e-mail accounts isn't a "handful of officials" as claimed by Dana Perino in March. Nor the "50 over the course of the administration" as she later claimed. Rather, the committee has learned that nearly twice that number, at least 88 White House officials have been using the outside accounts.
  • Karl Rove himself is responsible for sme 140,216 such e-mails -- at least those which have been preserved. Also accounting for a significant volume of such communications: former White House Director of Political Affairs Sara Taylor (66,018 e-mails) and Deputy Director of Political Affairs Scott Jennings (35,198 e-mails). Fully 75,374 were sent to or received from individuals using official ".gov" e-mail accounts. That's "official business" over questionably secure RNC servers, folks.
  • Of the 88 officials identified as using such e-mail accounts, 51 of them have miraculously had their e-mail records disappear. Golly! Among the 37 officials for whom the RNC did preserve records, those records evidence "major gaps." For instance, despite the enormous volume of e-mails known to have been sent or received by Rove during certain periods, for others -- like the first term, for instance -- only some 130 e-mails are available.
  • Finally, it appears that -- surprise! -- the White House Counsel's office under Alberto Gonazales was fully aware of the use of the RNC e-mail accounts, but took no action to preserve them as required under the Presidential Records Act.

All of which is no surprise, when you consider the Bush White House's motto, "The Rule of Law Sucks."

Day Two

Friday, June 15, 2007


That's right! While the fine folks at supermegamonkey are away, we here at Supermegadio!!!!! will be blogging in their place!

Upset about the current politcal mess?
We got you covered!

People hatin' on your super-hero love?
Find solace here!

Something got your nerd up?
We'll help you get your geek going, too!

So, join us won't you. Starting Monday!

Friday, June 8, 2007


We here at Supermegadio!!!!! fully believe in the concept of popular opinion dictating culture. With that in mind, we point you to this.*

*We did not do this.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Why We Stopped Blogging

We have heard your pleas and complaints and realize that many of you out there are upset as to the 'end' of this blog. While we have no real way to embiggen your miserable existences, we will offer this explanation: This blog was becoming what we were trying to parody: those blogs out there with a singular devotion to an odd object of devotion.* So, because we started to become a real blog, commenting too much on our opinions about random stuff and reporting random stuff, we decided to shut it down. Plus, it's too much work coming up with things to post every day.

We hope that satisfies you cretins!

*Not that Dio is odd, he's odd-some!