Thursday, December 20, 2007

Supermegadio!!!!! Discussion Question

Who do you think is the most electable Republican candidate running for president right now and why?* And no putting Hilary; only people actually running for the Republican nomination, you jerks!

*Dio's not an answer either!**
**That's right! Dio is so awesome he is a Democrat, a Republican, and an independent all at once! Makes everyone else look like sucker!


fnord12 said...

I'm very bad at guessing who is "electable" but...

I think Ron Paul, if he somehow managed to get through the primaries, as an anti-war Republican could actually form a powerful coalition and draw support from the Democratic candidate.

I think John McCain is the most electable in a traditional sense.

I hope neither becomes president, btw.

fnord12 said...

This was some discussion!

min said...

is this it?

Dio said...

Just stopping by to wish you an awesome holiday. Rock hard!