Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Surprise Package (And Post)

We're turning on this blog again temporarily to show you a fantastic shipment we just received* at Supermegadio!!!!! world headquarters from one of our loyal readers. Let's take a look, shall we. That's a pretty big package.** Heavy, too. See:I wonder who it's from...
I know who it's from now. Can you see the tell-tale sign?
Yup, our good friend Adam "The Wolfson" Wolfson. And, he spent a pretty penny to send it, too.
I wonder what was worth spending that much money to send cross-country. Let's open and see.
Almost there... Could it be...?
Yes! Throwback Mountain Dew! Four cases of Throwback Mountain Dew to be exact. It's Dew-licious!***
Thanks Adam Wolfson!

*Ok, yesterday.
**Settle down.
***And blurry, too.

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min said...

i wanted to raid the other shoprite by us, but rod wouldn't let me.