Monday, June 18, 2007

SupermegaWizardWorldPhillyConReport!!!!!, Part One

This weekend the staff of Supermegadio!!!!! went to the Wizard World Philly comic convention in Philadelphia. We appreciate the fact that a nickname is used for the city. It's not Wizard World Chi-Town, but it's Wizard World Philly! Nice.

Anyway, I went with Roberto* who had gotten free tickets from work. We both had skipped breakfast, so decided to eat brunch at the rest stop on the turnpike, thinking we'd save money from the high convention food prices. Boy, were we wrong. Don't eat at a NJ turnpike rest stop, even if it's recognizable food choices.**

Of course, Roberto lost the directions to the convention center. But, we managed to find our way after not too many wrong turns. We wound up parking way away from the convention, with our bladder's full of urine. After not finding the entrance, we decided to go pee in the underground mall's restrooms. Man, this was the freakiest mall I've ever been to, and I live in Jersey City!

We then found our way to the employee's only entrance to the convention. This entrance didn't really make sense as it didn't seem attached to the convention center in any way. Philly's one messed up place I guess.

It took a little more time, but we eventually found our way to the convention. Below find handy map I've drawn for you. Follow our path Billy style!Coming in part two: I detail the actual con in some way!

*Name changed due to company's strict anti-blogging policy.
**I'll give you three guesses as to what Roberto got.

Part Two

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