Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Why We Stopped Blogging

We have heard your pleas and complaints and realize that many of you out there are upset as to the 'end' of this blog. While we have no real way to embiggen your miserable existences, we will offer this explanation: This blog was becoming what we were trying to parody: those blogs out there with a singular devotion to an odd object of devotion.* So, because we started to become a real blog, commenting too much on our opinions about random stuff and reporting random stuff, we decided to shut it down. Plus, it's too much work coming up with things to post every day.

We hope that satisfies you cretins!

*Not that Dio is odd, he's odd-some!


fnord12 said...

Wait, we're still getting the recton clarification post on Tushday, right?

Wanyas the Self-Proclaimed! said...

Yup, it'll happen, and it will blow your MINDS!!!