Saturday, February 24, 2007

Conservative Talk Radio

Caller: Hilary Clinton talking point #1*.

Host: Bill Clinton talking point #7/2**. 'Rod Ham' talking point #13***. Congress talking point #23****.


I'm not sure who I want to see as president especially considering it's not even November of 2007, but can't these talk radio hosts say anything new? Why do I still have to hear the same dis-information from four and ten years ago? Why am I still hearing how 'awful' it was in the '90's because of the Clintons*****. Things suck now, and the Clintons haven't been in power for SIX years! Face facts, true believers!

* Bitch.
** Liar. Can't Keep it in his pants.
***You hate the Clintons.
****They saw the same pre-Iraq war info as President Bush.
*****Though we can probably blame them for crappy '90's comics. As the economy was so good, people had more money to invest in speculator type activities, which Tom DeFalco and his ilk gladly took advantage of.

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