Monday, March 19, 2007


Here, it is, finally! The post you've all been waiting for! Our magnum opus on the great tv show: Fifteen! What kind of show could possibly generate this much excitement? Well, I'll tell ya'!

We interupt this post to bring you some breaking news! In doing our research for this post, we have learned some important news! The character of Billy, one of the main characters, and a bigger dork I don't know of, was played by Ryan Reynolds, Van Wilder himself!** It all makes sense! We now return to our regularly scheduled post.

Fifteen was a half-hour teen 'soap opera' from Canada! Doesn't that just scream 'awful?' Well it should because it was! It was, like all other great shows from the great white North, aired on Nickelodeon. It first appeared my Sophmore year in high school when I was fifteen! And, surprisingly, I was way, way cooler than any character on this show.***

This show had all the hallmarks of great drama: over-acting, badly constructed sets, and mild Canadian accents. The kids all had minor relationship drama, but, of course always acted like it was the end of the world! And, for some reason, a lot stuff happened in the stairwell, which, of course, looked nothing like any school stairwell I'd ever seen!****

And the musical breaks! Also, overdramatic! The camera would pause on a character just after something in his life was threatening to be changed for ever, and than this cheesey synth music would start and play for a good half-minute!

But, here's the worst part. This show started almost exactly when Beverly Hills, 90210 started. Not only that, they both introduced tough, bad boy characters in leather named Dylan! I didn't watch 90210 at the time, but every girl in my high school must have. So, there I was, nerd-extradoinaire, and I overhear several girls discuss how cute the new character Dylan was! Could these girls actually be watching Fifteen? And find that Dylan guy cute? Of course not, you dolt! They were talking about Luke Perry! Noone else on Earth watched Fifteen!

Here's a brief clip I found on the internets. This is all you really need to see in order to understand the deal with this show. But, just in case, here's a full episode!*****

*I honestly don't have a lot of faith in this post. But, I've been promising you Fifteen, so here it is.
**If it helps, he was Hannibal King in Blade Trinity.
****Must be different in Canada.
*****I couldn't watch the whole thing.


fnord12, QC said...

Yr asterisks are out of synch.

min said...

Swan's Crossing!!!

Wanyas the Self-Proclaimed! said...

I told you I had no faith in this post!

Joshua said...

I tried to watch that clip of Fifteen, but there was a link to this awesome Nick Cave video on the side bar, so I watched that instead.

Wanyas the Self-Proclaimed! said...

The brief clip was of the full episode also. Sorry about that. You owe it to yourselves to check it out!

Wanyas the Self-Proclaimed! said...

Watching that clip of Swan's Crossing gave me a headache.

banana said...

can we get a post on that Renegades tv show we used to watch, starring son of quien-es-mas-dio, star lorenzo llamas?

Wanyas the Self-Proclaimed! said...

I have to re-think my tv related posts. They come out much better in my mind!

min said...

i debated posting that episode or the episode where the 2 characters in a "band" sing their song.

Wanyas the Self-Proclaimed! said...

It wasn't the content, it was the quality of the video.

And, there's always a band. Always.