Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Get To Know: Rock Gods!

Ritchie Blackmore

If all Ritchie Blackmore did was found Rainbow and have the foresight to allow the greatness which is Dio flow, he would have earned his status as a Rock God. But, no, he also formed Deep Purple! Who is Deep Purple? They had a little song called Smoke On The Water, maybe you've heard of it? Any song that has lyrics about Frank Zappa, and still becomes a worldwide hit, is a pretty good song. Plus, that riff is unforgettable:


See, unforgetable!

He's also a great guitarist! Seems like his old man threatened him with regular beatings with his guitar if he didn't learn that guitar.* I think that's what he's about to do in this picture. Don't cross Blackmore, or he'll use his deadly GUITAR ATTACK!

Nowadays, Blackmore took a lesson from Dio himself, and started a band with his name in it**, Blackmore's Night! They probably rock as only an ex-associate of Dio can!

That's really all I know about Ritchie Blackmore, so I'll talk more about Dio! Dio's real name isn't Dio! It's Ronald James Padavona! Can you believe it? His real name is almost as cool as Dio.*** Padavona. That's a pretty name! But, nothing hits you as hard as DIO!

*Take that B.F. Skinner!
**I know Rainbow was originally Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, but that had to change once the public got a full dose of Dio!
***I said, almost.


Robin Zebrowski said...

Don't forget that His Name is Alive covered Man On A Silver Mountain.

Wanyas the Self-Proclaimed! said...

His Name Is Alive truly deserves an entry for even coming this close to Dio's greatness. However, though I enjoy the music somewhat, I don't have enough info to write such a post. Feel free to submit one, and I will post it for you!

Yes, we here at SUPERMEGADIO!!!!! allow fan participation in praising Dio and Dio related subjects!

banana said...

it turns out, Dio had been a teen idol in upstate New York with Ronnie Dio and the Prophets during the 1960s! how about that?!? Ritchie Blackmore recruited Dio, formerly of Elf, to Rainbow, a mythology-inspired band.

Joshua said...

we've all read the Dio entry at Wikipedia by now Adam.

so not impressed!

Mohinder "Bud" Blackmore said...

And if yous don't practice your guitar, i'll hurt yous even worse.

banana said...

but i didnt read that at wikipedia. hell, if i wanted to read made up shit, i would make it up myself.